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Part 2: Alternative Solution to backup iPhone Contacts: dr.fone - Backup & Restore (iOS)

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Feb 7, 8: This is an Apple problem that is not new. As users we shouldn't have to go through all of the gyrations to get Contacts to sync with iCloud. Feb 9, Feb 9, 3: During the process, I just found out a corrupted contact May be the cause of the sync failure? I had more than contacts. When I dropped the Vcard on contacts, it just added the first 95 contacts.

I deleted the contact 96, and restarted the whole process. It works perfectly! And the pictures I had to remove the Facebook account from the Internet Accounts on System Preferences and added it again. In a few minutes the pictures started to pop up on contacts!

Sync your Mac's Desktop and Documents in iCloud

Just missed the pictures that I added manually. All contacts are syncing in my 3 computers, iPhones and iPads!

iCloud Contacts Not Syncing? Here’s the Real Fixes-

Feb 22, 5: This fix worked great for me. Thank you for sharing it. It's the one thing I didn't think to do.

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Feb 22, 8: So I ran into this problem yet again after I fixed it, and I may have narrowed down on the cause. This was my experience:.

iCloud Contacts not syncing on macOS High Sierra

I was adding pictures to each contact on my Mac and everything seemed to be fine. Eventually after 4 or 5 contacts the photos weren't syncing. I went to my iPhone and started adding photos and the sync process was hit or miss. Eventually everything came to a screeching halt. I only realized the contacts that had photos were corrupted once I deleted all of my contacts from iCloud. Then suddenly the contacts that had photos added via my Mac suddenly reappeared both in Contacts and in my iCloud.

I deleted the duplicate contacts from iCloud, and they disappeared from Contacts as well. If you put a new contact into one computer it will be on the other computer in a matter of minutes. You can sync lots of things over iCloud — mail accounts, safari bookmarks, notes, iCal calendars etc. I normally have them all turned on except that with the iPhone 5 there was a bug with Safari bookmarks so I have that turned off.

There is no way to do this from within iCloud, but there is a way using a different account. If you have addresses entered into a different account, such as hotmail, Gmail etc, they will not sync to your iCloud. Because of this, if you have contacts in Gmail that you would like to share across multiple devices, you need to export them out of Gmail and into iCloud for them to sync using iCloud. To do this:. If you enable iCloud, then all contacts on your iPhone and computer that are in iCloud will sync automatically across all devices that are logged into that iCloud account.

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Sometimes errors occur even while accessing contacts from another device just after the system upgrade. Thus, if your iPhone contacts failed to sync to iCloud, we have the solutions right here for you. However, before that, you must understand why are my iCloud contacts not syncing? You can follow these simple tricks on your iOS device to fix iCloud contacts not syncing. Most of the time following this procedure will solve the iCloud contacts not syncing issue.

However, if these basic tips do not solve your issue then this is the time to move towards some advanced solutions below. To fix iPhone contacts not syncing to iCloud, the easiest solution is to toggle the contacts off and On in iPhone Settings and refresh the contacts. The process for different iOS versions is not the same.

7 Solutions to Fix iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

Now, we know that iCloud automatically updates the information. So, check whether your information is in iCloud or in some third-party account like Google or Yahoo. Then finally, change default account to iCloud.

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Follow the steps below to deselect thrid party accounts and fix iCloud contacts not syncing issue. Set iCloud as the default account for your contacts.

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  7. This is a pretty easy method with only 3 steps to follow. To sync contacts to iCloud, Wi-Fi network or cellular data network is required. A good Internet connection is extremely important for iCloud contacts sync. So, it is imperative for you to check if your iPhone is connected. In case the Contacts are not into the synced mode, even with a good Internet connection, you can try to Reset Network Settings on iPhone. Please check whether your problem of iCloud contacts not syncing to iPhone still persists. In case it does, move on to the next solution. Apple only offers 5GB of free iCloud storage to iCloud users.

    If your iCloud storage is full , you won't be able to sync any data to iCloud. Also, iCloud has limit to the number of contacts it can store. You can sync less than 50, contacts in total. Irrespective of the need, you should always make sure that your iPhone iOS is up-to-date. As Apple updates resolve many bugs and virus issues on iOS devices. This can also very well resolve your problem of iCloud contacts not syncing to iPhone.

    Then go to Settings and choose General and click on Software Update. There is an excellent alternative solution to resolve the issue of iPhone contacts not syncing to iCloud. Yes, dr. It helps you to backup iPhone contacts and other data types to computer instead of cloud storage.

    The dr. Using the dr. It is compatible with all iOS devices and will be your best bet when it comes to iOS data backup. So let us move forward to backup iPhone contacts with dr. After launching dr. Thereby, use any wired connection to make a connection with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the computer.

    By default, dr. After selecting the Device Data Backup and Restore, the file types will be automatically detected by dr. Users can choose the file types for backup. Anyone can see the supported file types and they are photos, videos, messages, call logs, contacts, memos and other data type. Click on next to that option to check the contents of the backup file.