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App Review needs to get faster; one week is too long. This was a nearly universal sentiment amongst the developers surveyed. As we noted then, the average "rarely dropped below 6 days and was often at 8 or more days". Having a processing time of 2 days is, therefore, quite an improvement on Apple's part.

The question is whether such change is a temporary anomaly or if it will be the new standard going forward.

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Bloomberg's story associates shorter review times with Apple's goal to retain developers on their platforms and increase revenue from the App Store. It's important to note, though, that Apple hasn't promoted shorter review times as a recent addition to their developer program.

However, data from AppReviewTimes has proven to be accurate in the past, and I'd tend to believe that review times are indeed at the lowest they've ever been in an effort to improve App Review and build up developer goodwill ahead of WWDC. Apple's slow app review times have become a staple of the app economy over the past several years, with developers having to plan app releases and bug fix updates well in advance, often to their detriment, to cope with Apple's slow process.

A turnaround time of 2 days — and even if Apple manages to stay between days on average — could mean happier developers, faster releases and updates, and, as a consequence, happier customers. It'll be interesting to see if these shorter review times will last until WWDC and if they're part of a bigger plan to meaningfully improve App Review for developers. Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content , delivered every week; it's also a way to support us directly.

Avoiding Common App Rejections

Club MacStories will help you discover the best apps for your devices and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Plus, it's made in Italy.

Mac App Store: Walkthrough

Join the Club. And then this happened:. Sep 13th - Tried submitting to the Mac App Store but failed because it refuses to accept binaries with the new com. Sep 18th - Still no reply from Apple.

Apple Shortening App Review Times

Sep 24th - App is still waiting for review. Mojave is supposed to be released today. I submit an expedite review request explaining the issue mentioned above. The expedite review request is accepted. Sep 28th - The app is rejected with a crash on launch, crash logs are attached. I examine the crash log, and I can see the problem stems from my receipt validation.

I can either ask for the receipt they were using, wait another day for a response that most likely is going to be to contact DTS or dismiss this as fluke.

By this time I already had a few other bug fixes implemented so I opt for the latter and submit a new binary. Also, if the app crashes on launch, why would they take 3 days to reject it?! Oct 8th - By this time the app has been waiting for review for 10 days. Once you revise and resubmit your binary or metadata, in the case of a Metadata Rejection , your app will be automatically returned to the expedite queue.

Average App Store Review Times - Mac App Store - Raw Data

Today is October 12 , 30 days after my initial submission attempt, Secrets 2. If anyone at Apple evers reads this, just take a moment and try to put yourself on my shoes. Paulo Andrade. Oct 12, From the outside, it still looked like the Mac App Store was dealt as an afterthought. That entitlement is required when this is enabled.

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