Sims 3 pets installer wont open mac

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To make this easier to do in the future, I made an alias of the info.

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Handy to know — but why did it break and how does the fix work? On our iMac in Sierra, it would hang at launch.

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Not sure why, but at least for us, something about Sierra broke the startup. Anyway, the. The game usually runs with a launcher app. This change just removes the launcher so that the game itself launches on double-click.

I was desperately looking on the web for an answer to my problem. I had played with it for like about 2 years and never faced any troubles since two months ago. I only recently made the connection with the mac sierra update, when my dad told me about me. I then found out your post, your explanations are so clear and simple. In less than five minutes the problem was solve and my sims worked again! Maybe try posting there? Same for me, does anyone have a solution?

I have been trying to get the sims 3 to work for more than 5 years now! My brother. Thank you.

Re: Sims 3 Pets won't install on my mac

Just booted right up. You are a gentleman. Mine is a MacBook Pro without the Retina display. Finally I can play my sims 3 again! Go to Solution. March Sometimes the download or installation fails. This can be for a variety of factors, including your internet connection dropping out during the download. Sometimes this can result in an awkward situation in which Origin acts as though the game is installed correctly.

There are two things you can try. This is the location from which your game actually launches as opposed to a similarly named folder within Documents, which is where your saves and other data are stored. In the folder in Applications you will see the shortcut icons for the base game as well as any expansions or stuff packs installed.

If you can see the icon for the game that has failed to properly download from Origin, try right clicking on it and this should give you the option to show the original file.

Sims 3 Pets won't install on my mac - Answer HQ

You can move the original files to the trash from there. This may allow you to commence a re-download from Origin.

Re: The Sims 3 Ambitions won't install [Mac]

Many thanks go to Tremayne from TS3 Mac forum for this suggestion. Look in Preferences in the Origin client and find the game installers. Delete the files relating to TS3. Log out of the client, then back in, then you may be able to start redownloading. View in thread. September Please help i just purchased this game on sunday through origin What Mac do you have?

Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your desktop and select About This Mac. Jan 28, 2: I would ask there, and see if anyone has succeeded in getting the expansion pack combined with the main application in one CD or download from EA. Jan 29, 3: So it was not created for Power PCs The Expansion Packs were first released in November, and further ones were continued to be released through October, In this forum thread, Understanding how the Sims 3 runs on a Mac, it is explained that the Mac version of the Sims 3 is just the Windows version running in Cider: Sims 2, released in , would have for sure been written in PowerPC code.

And an expansion pack for Sims 3 released later, may still contain PowerPC code in it or its installer application. Lion and Mavericks do not contain Rosetta. Either run the Windows version with Windows installed in virtualization on your Mac or install Snow Leopard Server into virtualization so as to regain access to Rosetta and see if Cider will operate in that environment.

Jan 29, 4: Since this is the only expansion pack I have this issue with, I think it unlikely it has a power pc installer especially because I've seen threads where people with power pc Macs couldn't install sims 3 at all.

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It's definately some kind of glitch, which may have to do with one of EA's patches for the game or because they weren't installed in order. Since I do not want to run Windows on my Mac and I can't afford to purchase Snow Leopard to run in virtualization, I might just have to do the dreaded uninstall reinstall. Some people report excellent results from installing SLS into a free virtualization program that I personally do not use; VirtualBox.

A quick way to determine if there really is any PowerPC code on your machine is read my tip here:. Communities Contact Support.