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Page content loaded. Sep 22, I actually like it better than Photoshop Elements Interestingly, I tried exactly that before I posted. Whenever I did that the new image covered up the old image. I never could see both. I have used Photoshop Elements for a long time. Stitching different images WAS always easy. I went to the Adobe website where other users were complaining about this feature being deleted.

Adobe more or less confirmed this feature had been removed. What you could use in Aperture, if you want to use Aperture anyway as a photo library, is using a light table. You can arrange images arbitrarly on a light table, and then print the light table to PDF. I am using Aperture now.

Merge Photos Aperture « Wonder How To

In fact, I purchased it knowing it will soon be discontinued! I did this because the newer versions of iPhoto no longer display Keywords below the thumbnail images making it completely unusable for my work. If not, I will use Lyn. Can Aperture merge or "stitch" images together? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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User profile for user: Ziatron Ziatron. Thanks a lot, Apple. Terrific work. Well done. Of course, being Apple, they had to definitively kill the product. Any other company with a half-decent sense of commitment to its users would have either sold Aperture to another company and allowed it to continue development, or simply open-sourced the software so that it could, at the very least, be kept alive and running on modern hardware. But no. And if that isn't an insult to those users, I don't know what is.

First sight

Apple treated those people with the utmost contempt. Having just screwed the maximum amount of money it could out of the ones who were prepared to buy an expensive Mac Pro system, it immediately betrayed them utterly and left them with no way forward. It was and is absolutely disgraceful. Aperture was my favourite Apple software product, and I'm not going to forgive Apple for killing it any time soon. Reply 5 of Yeah, I think Apple dropped the ball with Aperture. I hope they pick it up again. I also hope they make a full version for Final Cut for the new iPad pros.

Before adobe beats them to it with an iPad version of premiere. Come on Apple. Do it.

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Reply 6 of Don47 Posts: I still use Aperture. I shoot a lot of models - not the breathing kind - and process the raw photos for both publication and the web.

Reply 7 of October 19, 3: The article doesn't mention Aperture's relation to iPhoto. Prior to release, Aperture was rumoured as 'iPhoto Pro', which was a pretty good description. For years the two products had overlapping functionality but incompatible library formats, doh!

How Apple's Aperture created a new class of app on October 19, 2005 and lost it to Adobe L...

As I recall, many consumer oriented features like Faces, highlighted in the article appeared in iPhoto first then were adopted by Aperture. Aperture 1. One of the immediate wins for Lightroom was better performance at 1. Adobe effectively got this 'for free' as they built LR around the Adobe Raw Converter engine which had been part of Photoshop for years, and was already well optimised.

Reply 8 of I really liked Aperture and was sad to see it go. It was a fantastic workflow that I've yet to see anyone replicate. I've been hoping that it would be brought into Apple Photos, but so far it hasn't. It would certainly be a tremendous boon for working on the iPad where you have to import everything just to review shots.

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I have pretty good eyes, and there's no way even I can do a decent review from the swath of 1" thumbnails that are presented to import. Reply 9 of Aperture had, combined with DAM. Bring back Aperture support! Reply 10 of I kicked the tires on Aperture and LR beta when it was first released and settled on Aperture for it's superior interface and Apple ecosystem integration which were both important to me and never looked back. When Apple pulled the plug, I grudgingly turned to LR which is horribly slow, bloated and non-intuitive although it gets the job done but the raw conversions still seem to be lacking compared to Aperture.

I transitioned because photos was nothing like Aperture and was lacking in it's feature set. In addition, I was scared that Aperture would not keep working with OS updates. Several years later, I dread the task of importing and post-processing and I miss Aperture every day. Apple really dropped the ball on this one. They are flush with cash and never should abandon something like this in my opinion. Reply 11 of October 19, 4: Reply 12 of I'm running Aperture 3.

Never was enthralled with Adobe's interface. Reply 13 of October 19, 5: This article is either incomplete or inaccurate. Photos doesn't cover most of Aperture's abilities. As someone mentioned above, iPhoto was left entirely out of the article. And Aperture was never defeated by Lightroom. It it was just discontinued. Unfortunately, while Aperture still meets my needs as a photographer and runs flawlessly, our adjustments can't be migrated to Lightroom, leaving us either to flatten out tens of thousands of images or maintain Aperture for legacy work and use LR new work moving forward.

I use Aperture for so much heavy corrections for which I used to rely on Photoshop. But one of its tools still remains unrivaled: Skin Smoother. Lightroom's Clarity slider doesn't even come close. I use Skin Smoother not just for obvious reasons, but also to clean up backdrops and solid surfaces. Aperture's tools weren't primitive once Apple finally added the curves tool. The only other ability I wish it included was the ability to reorder adjustments. Lightroom has since added profile matching, building custom color profiles and countless others, but its compartmentalized workflow is a pain.

Basically, I'm stuck with Aperture. I honestly don't know what to do. Aperture still runs flawlessly on macOS Mojave. I agree entirely with Richard Hallas, but one correction: Apple just discontinued the "good" config and dropped the "better" and "best" configs to the formerly "good" and "better" prices. Photos should've replaced iPhoto while Aperture continued evolving its pro features, if not entirely stripping its consumer features entirely.

Reply 14 of October 19, 6: I still have it and use it, but Apple dropped us for no reason. Anything Adobe has swallowed up has made their version disgustingly clunky and difficult. I used to use Ready, Set, Go, an easy to use layout program and loved it. Poof, now we are forced to use InDesign, which sucks. Even when Adobe took over DreamWeaver, they made it more difficult. Any thing that gets caught up by Adobe, or gets close, it shuts down or is made a mess. Between Apple and Adobe these programs become terrible. And the subscription service is just a money grab.

Reply 15 of October 19, 8: This article rubbed salt in a wound that I thought had healed. I was and still am a devoted Aperture user. Yes, it does some nice things with lens corrections and panoramic stitching. Unfortunately, I've seen firsthand how some serious amateurs have used it to apply global changes to their images with abandon, claiming 'I don't need Photoshop now that I have Lightroom'.