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Comments on E-MU Xboard

Pros Handy rotary controls. Good action. Cons Not very sturdy. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. More Info. Each unit also has the ability to save a max of 16 presets.

When I think back to my first studio — where I was surrounded by an ominous wall of keyboards, sound modules and flashing lights — I can't help but pat myself on the back for deciding to streamline my setup. The days of walking into my studio and feeling like I'm starting up a launch sequence for a UFO are a thing of the past.

Instead of navigating a sea of cables, I have simplified my home-studio setup to comprise only the bare necessities: So what was missing? A MIDI controller. Although I like the controllers that I've been using, I keep a close eye on what's new in the market, but nothing has really impressed me. But the first question I must ask is what makes these different? This package not only gets you up and running right away with a great program like Live but also gives you a sound module.

For anyone who is a novice at computer-based music, this package would be ideal to get you started. First, take a minute to get into some of the physical differences between the Xboards and the other controllers on the market. The E-mu units have 16 rotary-style knobs and one slider. For those who like knobs to tweak, this is great news; for all of the others who like sliders, you're out of luck on this one.

E-MU XBOARD 25 & 49

The main advantages with knobs rather than sliders are space and cost. You get more space, and the price remains on par with other entry-level MIDI controllers. The next feature that stands out on the Xboards is aftertouch.

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The nonweighted, full-size keys have great response and feature E-mu's synth-action keybed. To activate aftertouch, just press the keys down easily — unlike other aftertouch functions, which feel like you about need to break your keys to make them work.


The aftertouch has a sensitive response and feels totally natural. What's more, it can be turned on and off in the edit menu.

Logic Pro Help

Some of the more unique features of the Xboards include a channel control mode that allows the 16 knobs to send one CC number each. This function is great for linking a soft-synth patch to one of the Xboard's 16 patches. That way, if you have a virtual synth open and you recall a preset patch on your Xboard, it will load a preset patch on your synth when it recalls the patch from the Xboard. You can store a max of 16 presets in the Xboard's internal memory.

EMU Xboard 49 Quick Demo

And with the included software editor, it's possible to save and access presets with your host computer — the sky's the limit. The Xboard comes in two sizes: The Xboard Control for Mac and Windows provides an intuitive desktop interface that allows the user to effortlessly create custom templates for their hardware and software instruments.

The controller provides four control zones, each with its own key and velocity ranges.

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The unit also allows the user to set a discrete MIDI channel for each knob, and includes a "Snap Shot" feature that can send multiple program changes and controller values with the press of a single button. Home wqtyfxuuuucvtxayxe. No Longer Available Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.